Lipster lip balm was created by two compounding pharmacists who noticed that most lip balms on the market use petrolatum or petroleum by-products to achieve results. These products provide a temporary barrier that holds in moisture, but they do not penetrate and moisturize the underlying layers of the skin. With this in mind, they set out to create a vegan lip balm that succeeds by using natural, moisturizing ingredients. After formulating and testing many different lip balms, they finally designed a product that not only outperforms the competition, but does so with ingredients that they can proudly recommend.

The success of Lipster lip balm lies in the perfect balance of its natural, vegan ingredients:

Natural Oils

Natural oils penetrate into the underlying skin layers and aid in moisturizing and healing. Lipster is formulated with oils that have similar properties to those produced by the skin. This helps your skin to naturally heal rather than providing a temporary fix.

Natural Butters

Natural butters have a higher melting point than liquid oils. This allows them to create a barrier that coats and moisturizes the external layers of the skin. This gives your lips time to heal under an extra layer of soothing relief.

Natural Plant Wax

Natural plant wax helps to seal in the oils and butters to give your lips long-lasting relief as they recover. A good wax in a lip balm is also very important for comfort. The wax found in Lipster provides a gentle, soothing application for even the most severely damaged lips.

If you're looking for a daily use lip balm, we recommend Lipster Original. It will help restore dry or chapped lips to their smooth, healthy state. If you need to maintain your already healthy lips, Lipster Original will do just that, while enhancing how they feel. When your lips are in need of extra help due to irritation or inflammation caused by cracking, itching, drug side effects, or cosmetic allergic reactions, please try our Lipster Medicated formula with 1% hydrocortisone.