We are honest people that want our products to have a trusted reputation. Our opinion is that if a product isn't good enough to sell itself, it isn't worth selling. Please see the charts below for a comparison of our lip balms with others in similar product categories. We have given credit where it is due and have highlighted the key points of each lip balm. We feel the charts speak for themselves as to why you should choose Lipster.

Please note that the information in the charts and descriptions following the charts have been extracted from feedback we have received from customers and those who were involved in the initial development of the products.  As such, it is to some degree subjective, and is not meant to be presented as fact, and obviously won't be the opionion shared by all who compare the referenced products.  Pricing may also vary, as well as characteristics of each lip balm if formulas or ingredients are revised.


many categories. They mostly differ in ingredients, scent, and firmness. FixMySkin is similar to Lipster in smell and longevity, and is similar in ingredients.  As shown, Lipster meets all optimal criteria to soothe and treat lips suffering from extreme conditions.  

Containing no beeswax, Lipster is the only vegan product. Lipster and Dr. Dan's are similar in



Containing no beeswax or lanolin, Lipster is the only vegan product. Lipster and Chapstick are very similar across the chart for all categories but ingredients. The key differences are that Lipster contains no petrolatum, mineral oil, parabens, dye, lanolin, or any other of the many unnatural ingredients in Chapstick brand. Interestingly, the only similarities Burt's Bees shares with Lipster are some of the natural ingredients. As shown, Lipster Original has all of the necessary attributes to soothe and repair dry or chapped lips.