lipster original lip balm

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lipster lip balm
lipster lip balm pharmacist recommended
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it is much different than most of the lip balms on the market. Gone are all of the unnecessary ingredients, as well as the petrolatum, mineral oil, and beeswax that you see in so many others. Included instead is a small hand-picked list of natural butters, oils and plant wax. This results in a lip balm that feels and performs surprisingly better than the market standard. If your lips are dry or chapped, it will moisturize and help them return back to the smooth, soft lips that you want. If your lips are already in great shape, it will make them feel even better. Please give it a try and see what we mean.


Please note: Lipster Original is made with the same great ingredients as Lipster Medicated, but without the hydrocortisone. It is also designed to feel slightly lighter after application. If your lips are in need of extra help due to irritation or inflammation caused by cracking, itching, drug side effects, or cosmetic allergic reactions, please try our Lipster Medicated formula with 1% hydrocortisone.

Lipster Original lip balm is made for daily use. Designed by compounding pharmacists, 

Lipster Original Lip Balm Ingredients