Q: What ingredients are standard in most lip balms? 


A: If you read the ingredients of the typical leading brand lip balm you will usually see beeswax, petrolatum, mineral oil, and many unnatural ingredients that only a chemist can pronounce.


Q: Are there any problems with these ingredients?


A: Beeswax is not vegan, which greatly limits the number of available products for many people. Petrolatum and mineral oil feel like they're working by moisturizing your lips, but in reality all they are doing is providing a temporary fix by sealing in your skin's moisture. Because of this, people often notice that their lips quickly become dry and chapped after they stop using these lip balms. As for unnatural ingredients, they are not necessary to make a good lip balm despite this being the norm.


Q. Does Lipster contain these ingredients?


A. No. We started from scratch, went against tradition and took out the ever-present beeswax, petrolatum, and mineral oil. You won't find any ingredients in Lipster lip balm that are not natural and recognizable.


Q. Why do most lip balms contain these ingredients?


A. They easily make the lips feel "coated." Companies don't need to spend much time formulating with these ingredients to create something that feels like it is working just fine.


Q. If these ingredients have a good feel, how does Lipster feel without them?


A. It took us a lot of time, but we figured out how to make an amazing lip balm without the typical ingredients we mentioned above. Some other companies have attempted to make similar products by eliminating some or all of these ingredients, but they have only accomplished certain aspects. Their product may help eliminate the rebound dryness similar to Lipster, but they don't feel as good as the typical leading lip balm when applied. Due to our perfect proportions of natural ingredients we have created a lip balm that feels and coats as good as or better than the leading lip balm while achieving better results.


Q. How does Lipster achieve better results than the typical lip balm?


A. Lipster uses natural healing oils and butters that penetrate and coat dry skin, and natural plant wax that seals it all in and gives your lips a comfortable glide. Our formula will help your lips naturally heal and not immediately return to dry and chapped if for some reason you stop using our lip balm.